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“My favourite summer colors are shades of orange, red & pink – hot summer sun & sweet juicy watermelon!”

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A BIG thank you to Susan Nikula!

General Paint would like to give a big thank you to Susan Nikula of Nikula Designs for the creative and fun blogs over the last year.  Susan is an excellent designer, writer and colour expert and I know we have not heard the last of her.  We wish her well on her future endeavors.

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Five Shades of Grey

Yes, you read it correctly; 5 not 50 shades of grey.  Who would have thought that grey could be so controversial.

Two-Eyes            Marble-Belly

Just for fun I decided to seek out the true meaning of Grey.  So here it is, the definition:

  • Between black and white hence the common expression it’s a grey area
  • Clouded, dull, dismal, cold, sunless light (a typical day in Vancouver, BC)
  • A European wild goose (as in grey friar)

Deer-Forest           Fall-Leaves

Before we ruffle any feathers, I just wanted to say that grey was often the considered the other “neutral”.  Always existing, behind the scenes.  Today grey has taken center stage trending in fashion and design colour palettes.  Ever proud, present and powerful, in well tailored men’s/women’s suiting, architectural structures, home décor and stainless steel appliances.

Silver-Mirror           Rocky-Coast

Here’s my prescription for “the greys” or grey days.  Like location; texture, texture, texture.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up.  Flat, rough, matte, satin, shiny, pearl and metallic.  From oyster pearl to battleship grey.


Grey also enjoys colourful company such as brilliant yellow, unconventional orange and marvelous magentas with attitude.


Enjoy your day and will it be a grey or gray day?


Blanket!  What comes to mind?  Or did you draw a blank?

A security blanket like Linus in a Charlie Brown Comic strip or special TV presentation.  It was old, worn, tattered, probably smelly; but most important it was familiar and loved.

Bay-Blanket              Bay-Blanket-Bedroom

An avid outdoor activist might imagine a blanket of snow; the first fall of the season; fresh, crisp, pure white.  Glistening in the sun or moonlight beckoning, come ski on me.


Yum! For all you breakfast enthusiasts and kids at heart.  Remember piggies in a blanket?  At a Sunday family brunch or outing.  Pork sausages wrapped in fluffy, tasty mouth watering pancakes.  Oh yes, don’t forget they were smothered in maple, blueberry or boysenberry syrup

To mark your territory or secure a favourite spot a blanket was used at the beach, park or backyard.

A baby’s first blanket, small, soft and perhaps home made with TLC.

How about trading?  They are a valuable commodity which insured protection and warmth to ward off cold, damp and dismal nights plus possible illness.


Think HBC (Hudson’s Bay Trading Company) their logo striped brand blankets are still sought after hundreds’ of years later; it’s a Canadian Heritage and Tradition.

My favourite memories are:  my mother tucking me in at night and saying, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”.  All was well in my small world and I would peacefully drift off to la la land.


My next fondest recollection was transforming every day blankets to “super hero capes”, i.e., Batman, Robin and Superman.   And let’s not forget the tents and forts we constructed, ah! great imagination.


So what are your special thoughts?

p.s. How come Catwoman, Wonder Woman, etc. didn’t have a cape?


Fall In Love

What’s not to love about Fall?

Since I live on Canada’s west coast I have the distinct privilege of experiencing Fall at its finest.  The sun warms our faces and backs while the air is sweetly scented with cool crisp undertones.  The season is changing along with the fall foliage.  From mellow yellows, golden greens and oranges to burnt browns and eventually reds, a captivating colour cycle right before our very eyes with blowing, raking crunchy leaves under our step.


Fall is also a signal that it’s time for back to school, back to work and back to basics.  Believe it or not our bodies and minds respond well to a familiar routine.  Really…it’s true!

I personally can’t wait for the fashion forward trends for home décor, wardrobe and accessories in magazines, now tantalizing and teasing us of what is yet to come. Fall issues are plum full of glossy illustrations, inspirations and ideas.


You’ll fall in love with this colour palette.


IDS West 2012

Really was the Best!  A west coast design show featuring new ideas, products and trends for your home. This event was held at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre September 28-30.  The weather was clear and sunny which seemed to set the overall tone for the 3 days.

I was also offered a golden opportunity to be a design star at “Inspiring Design” presented by General Paint.  Four other designers and a group of students from Kwantlen College also participated.

The Inspiring Cultures colour trends 2012 by the Comex Group was interpreted and showcased in a designated space. My theme was “rhythm” and my thoughts were: Rhythm represents the regular pulse of colour, music and dance.  “Colour” is the common thread that defines and unites our diverse tribes…The World…

I chose blue and orange as the pulsating colours with the yellow/greens and black to accent them.  Dance shoes and attire were coupled with a variety of musical memorabilia to inspire and create this “Rhythmic Room”…and the beat goes on!

What is your favorite type of music or dance style?

Here are a few images of some of the hi-lights of the show.  Enjoy!



To see an overview of Inspiring Cultures  Colour Forecast information go to: